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"Doctor Banner."

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Maggie winced at the mention of being crushed. Her leg twitched with a phantom pain and she had to shift her position to hide it “Yeah, I was quite badly damaged but they managed to fix me up maybe 85% before I was turned human” she shrugged, hiding the fact she wasn’t comfortable with this subject. 

Smiling as sympathetically as she could she nodded “I understand that… I don’t mind being human per say, it’s more the fact that I’m not able to Shield Maria anymore” she sighed. 

Avery studied her, catching that small wince and deciding to say nothing about it. “So you had to heal what was needed when you were in this form, right?” He quizzed before shrugging the topic off.

"Yeah, and I’m not able to help Tony anymore. I wish we could fix this, you know? Go back to our forms that we feel the most comfortable in." Avery shifted lightly as he spoke, leaning back against the wall of the room they were in.

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“Well, that’s a relief. I think the alternative would be rather painful for both of you. As for me? Hardly an interesting story. Opened my eyes to a bunch of museum security guards staring at me sitting in a glass case. I was clothed and questioned on how I stole the shield and got locked into the case. It wasn’t until I showed them my scar that they believed me. And their security cameras showed the shield one moment, me the next with no interference.”

"Yeah, it probably wouldn’t be going very well for the both of us if that happened." Avery said, laughing softly before staring back up at the man. "I find that interesting, though. You didn’t have anything done to you when it happened, so why should you be like this? I’d be trying to figure that out myself."

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“What…? But aren’t you supposed to… Well, be in his chest?” She asked, and raised a brow. “Anyway, nice to meet you, Avery. I’m Bianca.”

"I am, but it’s not the case. I’m not happy about this either, to tell you the truth." Avery admitted, dropping his gaze momentarily to stare at the ground. "It’s nice to meet you too, Bianca."

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"You’re Hawkeye’s quiver, aren’t you?"

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"You two are human too?"

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"Hi, I’m Avery, Tony Stark’s arc reactor."

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“Yes… Yes, it’s me. Who’re you?”

"Your father’s arc reactor, Avery."

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“That’s right. Wanda Wilson’s katanas.” 

“Who do you belong to? And my name is Slice. That’s my brother Dice.” 

"Wanda Wilson? I know a Wade…"

"Slice and Dice? Nice. I’m Avery, Tony Stark’s arc reactor. Or was, really."

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“I see. Another awkward question… where were you when you turned human? I can imagine if you were where you ought to be, that’d be… uncomfortable.”

"I actually wasn’t where you thought I’d be. Tony was working on me, fixing the outer casing so I didn’t shock him and then it sort of happened. How about you? You must have a good story."